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Relief For Sore, Weary Eyes

Lately, it feels like our lives revolve around screens. The world grows more digital every day, and although there are benefits to this connection, our eyes can become exhausted from overuse

When our eyes become tired and sore after prolonged screen use, the condition is referred to as digital eye strain. However, there are treatments for your eye strain available at Total Vision Financial District. Relief is waiting, so don’t hesitate to give us a call! 

The Answer to Eye Strain

Eye strain can occur if you focus on one task or object for a prolonged period like driving, reading, or working in dim lighting.

If you experience eye strain symptoms after using a digital device for over 2 consecutive hours,  your eye strain is referred to as digital. This condition is sometimes called computer vision syndrome. 

Watch for symptoms of eyestrain, such as: 

  • Watery, irritated eyes
  • Red eyes
  • Headaches
  • Sore neck and shoulders

Managing Your Symptoms

Eye Drops

Eye drops work as a quick fix to rehydrate your tired and weary eyes, but they may contain some ingredients that irritate certain eye types and prescriptions. We suggest contacting the team at Total Vision Financial District before purchasing over-the-counter eye drops.

Experts suggest that the 20/20/20 rule works as a method to alleviate symptoms of digital eye strain in the short term: every 20 minutes, look at an object 20 feet away for approximately 20 seconds. These small breaks help your eyes catch a little breather between screen sessions.

Making small changes to your environment can reduce the strain:

  • Adjust the lighting in your room
  • Attempt to minimize glare from your screen or monitor
  • Adjust the height of your screen or monitor
  • Adjust screen settings to match the lighting in the room

We Have The Solution

You’ll be pleased to know that digital eye strain has no long-term consequences for your vision. All it takes is a few simple adjustments to your digital rituals to relieve your sore, tired eyes. 

If your symptoms don’t feel alleviated after trying our tips and tricks, give Total Vision Financial District a call. Other eye conditions have similar symptoms to digital eye strain. We’ll work with you to find the cause of your discomfort and provide proper treatment. Call us today!

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