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Focusing on Their Future

Our children can see the world through fresh eyes, and their excitement helps us appreciate our surroundings just a little more than before. 

As kids grow, their eyes grow right alongside them, and they must reach several developmental milestones on the way to total visual health.  Eye exams on a routine schedule can help ensure that your children’s eyes are growing as they should, and help our optometrists discover and treat eye conditions in their earliest stages. 

Their First Eye Exam

You’ll want to make sure that your child’s eyesight is developing correctly, and at Total Vision Financial District, we recommend bringing them in for an exam after their 1st birthday. 

During the first visit, we’ll check their overall eye health and ensure there are no concerns. It can take more than one exam to get to know your child’s eyes and determine the frequency of their future appointments.

Healthy Eyesight at Every Stage

At Total Vision Financial District, we recommend an eye exam for your children at every developmental stage.

The Toddler Stage

The toddler stage is an exciting milestone in visual development. This age group is curious and interested in exploring their surroundings! Their hearing and visual centers are heightened, and they’ve learned to recognize familiar objects like favorite stuffed animals, pictures in books, and their loved ones’ faces.

Parents can encourage visual development in this stage by:

  • Rolling balls of various sizes back and forth to aid with visual tracking.
  • Using building blocks or locking toys to help with fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
  • Reading or telling stories to help with visualization skills.

During your toddler’s eye exam, your optometrist checks for any overall health concerns, including amblyopia and strabismus. They will also test your toddler’s hand-eye coordination, tracking, depth perception, and color vision.

Children between the ages of 3 and 5 are gradually developing the necessary visual skills that help them prepare for the school years.

Engaging in visual activities at this age will help prepare your preschooler for reading and writing. Parents can help with visual development for this age group by:

  • Throwing and catching a ball or bean bag.
  • Letting their child see the words and pictures when reading aloud.
  • Providing art supplies like chalk, finger paints, or crayons and letting their inner artist fly.
  • Providing activities that require hand-eye coordination like block building, locking toys, and puzzles.

Your preschoolers benefit significantly from comprehensive eye exams. In their exam, our optometrists will ensure your child’s eyes are developing as expected as well as search for any early signs of eye disease or eye conditions.

Our comprehensive eye exams ensure your school-aged child’s optimal visual health. Undiagnosed vision issues at this stage can significantly affect your student’s love of learning. At Total Vision Financial District, we work closely with this age group to ensure happy and healthy eyes.

Signs of vision problems in a school-aged child can include:

  • Discomfort and fatigue
  • Constant eye rubbing
  • Constant blinking
  • A short attention span
  • A dislike of reading
  • Headaches
  • Holding reading materials close to the face
  • Losing place when reading

Untreated vision issues in this age group can share the same symptoms as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Using top-rate diagnostic technologies, we can catch vision problems, treat them early, and avoid misdiagnosis.

We want your child to feel happy and successful throughout their learning years. Let’s work together to help ensure their eyes stay clear and joyful.

The Journey to Healthy Vision

Your children deserve high-quality vision care, and we’re ready to provide it. We offer personalized and comprehensive children’s eye exams in a friendly environment. Let’s work together to ensure their visual health! 

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