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Your Eyes Deserve Routine Care

Maybe it’s just us, but we think routine eye exams are more interesting than what many people might believe.

The big secret is that your eye exam is so much more than updating your prescription; it’s actually a proactive step towards ensuring healthy vision. Eye diseases can appear suddenly without warning signs, and we screen for the most common eye conditions in every eye exam. 

If you’ve been putting off your next eye exam or would like more information on ensuring healthy eyesight, book your eye exam today.

Eye Exam Frequency

Everyone’s eyes are different, and it can take some time to get an overall picture of each patient’s eye health. We may need a couple of exams to decide on the frequency of your appointments. 

When our optometrists have determined your visual needs, they may recommend an eye exam every year to our newer patients, or more frequently if your vision is considered “at-risk.” 

The Eye Exam

At the beginning of your exam, we’ll ask a few questions about your medical history and lifestyle. You can expect some visual acuity tests and an update to your eyeglass prescription, if necessary. After the examination, your optometrist tests for common eye diseases, including: 

Our goal is to find eye diseases early, and provide treatment before they can develop into long-term vision problems. Eye diseases can occur without warning, with symptoms sometimes only presenting themselves in later stages. 

At the end of your exam, we’ll give you detailed information about our findings, and discuss your options for glasses or contact lenses

Book Your Eye Exam Today

At Total Vision Financial District, we provide our comprehensive eye exams in a comfortable and relaxed environment. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are waiting to provide you with details about our services and show off our fashionable designer frames and sunglasses.

Please call us today to book your eye exam and get ready to meet our phenomenal team. Total vision health is waiting for you at Total Vision Financial District. We can’t wait to see you!

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We’re located just down the street from the famous Chinatown Gate entrance, near Union Square. Parking is easy. It’s just across the street at the Stockton/Sutter Garage! 

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